LC Latvia visits LC Sweden AGM 2013 in Lycksele

During MTM ladies from LC Latvia received invitation from LC Sweden for two ladies from national board to visit their AGM in Lycksele. According to circumstances LC Latvia national president Sandra and vice president Inga went.
As ladies from LC Latvia where going to visit Godmothers country, we had a chance to use Extension fund support for this trip, so we sent an applications and get positive answer from LCI.
LC Sween AGM was held in beautiful northern city Lycksele on 6th -8th of June. It was a good chance for us to see how AGM is held in our godmothers country, to learn from them and share our experiences, so we accepted the invitation.

After an overnight trip by ferry, flight to Umeo and transfer bus ride we was warmly welcomed by our host Cecilia who took care of us during all our stay, besides she was participating in AGM organization team in Lycksele and was busy all the time.

Our visit started with President’s Dinner welcomed by LC Sweden 2012-2013 national president Malin Jensen and RT Sweden 2012-2013 national president Mathias Ogenblad.

It was nice to meet Malin, Therese, LCI PP Malin Dahlberg and many other Swedish ladies again in welcoming atmosphere at their home country. We met guests from other countries as well, so the first pin exchange between National Presidents was made too.

Next morning we used our free time before evening events and took a bike ride around the town and to nearest lake to enjoy the atmosphere of 50’s in town and northern nature out of it.

Here and there around the town we saw people in Rock and Roll mood and style. We joined them at the evening.     
Anything is possible on AGM – even wedding ceremony and riding on river by snowmobile. And of course home parties with jokes, laughter, songs and fun!

 At third day morning serious part – AGM we saw good examples of organizational planning of events and charity projects. At the same time we saw that even serious things can be done in great atmosphere of party and fun. As the only foreign guests, who was participating on AGM we had
perfect private interpreter Anne.

Banner exchange later and beautiful Gala dinner at night.

Sandra Strazdina, Birgitte LC 155 Hjo, Alexsandra LC 155 Hjo, Inga Hraptoviča

We have got lot of information about how things work in LC Sweden, new impressions and met new sisters in friendship and service. Thank you Malin, Therese and all AGM team for great time spent in Sweden and amazing White nights in Lycksele!

On behalf of LC Latvia

Inga Hraptoviča
National VP 2013-2014

Sandra Strazdina
National President 2013-2014