Travel report from the Swedish team MTM Tartu

Travel report from the Swedish team MTM Tartu

Our trip to MTM I Tartu started already on Thursday evening when Katharina the Swedish national treasure arrived to me Ulrika, national secretary, and followed me to a meeting with my local club LC 42 Katrineholm. Friday morning 14th we draw to Stockholm Arlanda airport and catch the plain to Tallinn.

Arriving in Tallinn airport we meet our national president Therese in company with the national presidents for Norway and Denmark and Luxembourg. The first bus to Tartu was booked out so we took a lunch at the airport in company with Martine, President of Luxemburg, while waiting for the next bus.
After the bus trip and a quick fresh up it was time for Official opening ceremony at Tartu Town Hall.


We went on to welcome party at Gunpowder Cellar. A nice place with a friendly atmosphere. Dinner was served, a nice tasting buffet similar to Swedish smorgasbord. During dinner a bartender entertained. This evening we sat in company with the Norwegian ladies and after dinner Hildur and Ester from Iceland joined us. Evening ended early since we were tiered after the trip.

Saturday morning, rise and shine. Breakfast and after that bus from the Hotel to Science Center for the MTM meeting.


The meeting started with an introduction of each country. After that discussions about status of past circlers, how to gain many new (young) members and how to find Ladies who are interested in founding a new circle started. It was a god discussion and several proposal for the various subjects appeared. Belgium told us more about LC International Service Project, Children of the Dump. After meeting lunch was served. During lunch we met and talked with the ladies from Netherlands. Then we took a walk back to the hotel and got a view of the beautiful town.


After making us fancy for evening dinner it was time for informal “Nordic area meeting” discussion issues for future. How to make more circling and more exchange between the Nordic countries.


The evening continued at Tartu Railway Station with dinner, fashion show and shooting for each country. Then we went on to a night club and the evening, or night ended whit chitchat in the Hotel lobby.

Sunday morning, after 3 hour sleep, tired but happy we went on the bus to Riga for the trip back home to Sweden.

Thanks’ to LC Estonia for a grate arrangement, we had a lot of fun. A Circler you have not met, is a friend you still not met.

 Ulrika Hallgren                                   Katharina Yxhage
National Secretary                              National Treasure